The Smokies Only Authentic British Tavern

About Us

Born in South Michigan in 1962, the Grandson of an immigrant from Newcastle, England, and of three other Grandparents born in the Southern United States all of British descent, Brian has always been an Anglophile. His surname “Papworth” is actually a place name for two towns 50 miles due north of London, and 12 miles west of Cambridge, England, in what used to be Huntingdonshire. Click [here] for images of the 2 towns.

He visited England personally in 1995 intending to do extensive family research, but instead managed only to procure information pertaining to English Cask Ales, and driving on the wrong side of the road. He has extensive plans to return to, and visit England often, hopefully not only to finally find out more about his family, but also to bring back more cool stuff to decorate the walls and grounds of the Tavern.

The Fox & Parrot Tavern became a reality on September 9, 1998 when Brian pulled, and then served the first of what would become many, many pints of beer. At that time, the Tavern building was still under construction, and beer was served in the Papworth Photographic Gallery. Originally planned as the expansion of the Gallery, the Tavern building quickly became a two-story building due to the slope of the property. Always having loved not only a decent beer, but being surrounded by good friends, Brian envisioned the Tavern as being the kind of place that travelers would have frequented during the carriage trade in the late 18th century. His personal collection of British artwork is complemented not only by breweriana, but also representative artwork from around the Arts and Crafts Community of Gatlinburg.

Tavern Smoking Policy

For 24 years now, publican Brian Papworth has run the Fox and Parrot as a non-smoking pub. This is, however, just a bit misleading to his potential customers that smoke.

The Fox and Parrot sits on 2 acres of land ( 87118.91663 square feet ). The actual tavern is 1,100 square feet. So, in reality, only 1.3% of the property is non-smoking.

There is a 500 square foot patio/deck out front and a 200 square foot deck on the side of the tavern. Brian would much prefer that you smoke in these 2 areas as opposed to wandering about the 2 acre property as bears abound on his land, which borders the park.