The Smokies Only Authentic British Tavern


All meals are cooked to order by the in-house staff.  Please allow extra time when ordering. 

(Prices subject to change due to supply chain issues)

  • Fish And Chips 13.95

    Two Alaskan Pollock filets hand-breaded in beer batter and deep-fried. Served with British chips

  • Reuben 12.95

    Shredded corned beef with sauerkraut and thousand island dressing. Served with British chips.

  • Steak and Mushroom Pie 11.95

    Steak meat, mushrooms, and gravy in a flaky pie crust. Served with British chips.

  • Chicken Pie 11.95

    Shredded Chicken, carrots, onions, peas and gravy in a flaky pie crust. Served with British chips.

  • Cornish Pasty 11.50

    Shredded steak meat, shredded turnips and potatoes in a pastry shell. Served with British chips.

  • Bubble & Squeek 11.50

    Corned beef, cabbage, onions, and potatoes sautee'd and served with fresh beer bread.

  • Shepherds Pie 11.00

    Ground beef and vegetables covered in mashed potatoes and cheese. Served with British chips.

  • Poachers Roll 11.00

    Sausage, bacon, mushrooms, and onions wrapped in a pastry. Served with British chips.

  • Scallops 14.95

    (WHEN AVALIBLE) Large sea scallops covered in covered in Yuengling beer batter and deep fried.